While black is one of those colors that will never really go out of style, in today’s home decor introductions, it happens to be a trending hue.

While it’s classic and “safe,” black has the potential to totally transform a room with its power. And luckily, there are several ways to incorporate black decor into a space — whether as the star or in a supporting role — that are totally stylish.

Check out our 5 favorite ways to use black decor and start planning your next project.

 Go minimalist

It’s a pairing as classic as peanut butter and jelly — black and white. In minimalist style, this color combo is a featured star. Aesthetics like Scandinavian, and a new notable look dubbed “Japandi” — which is a mixture of functional Scandinavian design touches and hallmark Japanese elements like wabi-sabi and an overall calm — lean on black decor that’s streamlined, simple and unfussy

A perfect solution? Our Allston Collection, especially the one-light sconce, features a single candelabra bulb encased in a chic, simple black frame. The look is impactful but not overpowering, perfect for a minimalist interior.

Pair with brights

In 2021, brights are taking center stage. Maybe we all need a little cheeriness to uplift our days, or maybe the run of neutrals that’s been dominating fashion and home decor is finally stepping to the side of the limelight; whatever the case may be, vibrant, punchy colors and patterns are “in” at home.

Whether you choose statement bedding, an out-there armchair or a funky rug, or easily changed throw pillows, black decor can act as a perfect pairing, allowing the brights to shine and tying the whole look together. We love the idea of our Cupola Collection, with its matte black frame and clear glass shades, as the foil to a bright velvet sofa and colorful, abstract rug.

Add texture

Creating detail with texture is a surefire way to elevate the look and feel of any home decor piece. And especially nowadays, when we’re all spending much more time in the confines of our homes, cozy, inviting fabrics and that overall hygge aesthetic makes total sense.

One of our favorite ways to add texture to our black fixtures is with wood. Our Laramie Collection features a Burnt Silver Wood backplate, which warms up the entire look and adds an inviting visual element.

This light just beckons you to sit underneath with a cup of tea, a warm blanket and a good book, doesn’t it?

It’s all about the detail…