Bring the soft warm glow of the golden hour – the magical time when the sun begins to set – into the home with our gold-finished lighting. Each collection brings to mind the comfort of home while also being aesthetically intriguing. The Ainsley, Carrara, Corsa, and Jardin collections capitalize on the feelings that golden hues can elicit, all while bringing beautiful light into your space.

The Ainsley collection is wrapped in elegance, bringing together delicate and organic shapes onto a simple frame, all in a hand-painted Oxidized Gold Leaf Finish. The traditional design brings a comforting feel in chandelier options and a 2-light wall bracket.


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In a Champagne Gold Finish, the Carrara line marries minimalistic shapes with organic movement. The sleek and simple color offers an everlasting glow from the body of the piece outward, reflecting off of natural cut authentic white marble and bouncing into the room. It is available in chandelier options and a wall sconce.

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Take your lighting decor to the next level with gold finishes and hues, inspiring a modern and sophisticated feel in any living space. Featuring our Ainsley, Carrara, Corsa, and Jardin collections.

Golden hardware braces steam water glass discs in the multidimensional Corsa collection. The pattern of gold circles comes together to provide warm accents in a glass-dominated piece. The Corsa Collection is available in pendant, semi-flush, and sconce options.

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The Jardin collection incorporates moving patterns of garden-inspired shapes, coming together to create a comprehensive, natural-looking design. Lights glow from within metalwork leaves in an Oxidized Gold Leaf Finish. The marriage of a polished finish with botanical silhouettes is reminiscent of a garden glowing with warmth and life. It is available in pendants and sconce pieces.

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